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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Industry Accreditation


Deadline for the processing of accreditations: September 1

The Industry Club accreditation is granted to professionals who work in the film industry and it gives access to all of the industry activities organised by the Festival.


Applications should be made giving the names of the people to be accredited, together with an informative dossier of your company, giving full details and stipulating the need for or interest in attending the Festival (kind of films your company purchases/distributes, companies you would like to contact, etc.).

Applications should be sent by e-mail before September 1st:

Guest Management Department
Teléfono: +34 943 481212


The processing of accreditations will be online.
Once you have sent the required documentation and your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with the instructions to access and fill in our online form.



Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. We hope to have you here with us at the next San Sebastian Film Festival.

To contact the Guest Management Department:


San Sebastian Film Festival
P.O Box 397
20080 San Sebastián
Phone: 34 943 481212



FAQ - Accreditations


Who can apply for a press accreditation?
Press accreditations are only issued to people designated by a media outlet (printed festival. press, online media outlets, television and radio stations, press agents) to cover the Festival. All other media representatives, can contact the Festival Guest Management. Publicists or films representatives should contact the Films or Public Relations departments.

It is the first time I will cover the Festival. What requirements must I meet to obtain an accreditation?
If you want to attend and cover the Festival for the first time, the person in charge, director or editor-in-chief of your media outlet must send an email with a request to the head of the corresponding press section (national or foreign) explaining the kind of coverage you will make of the Festival. You must enclose documentation to accredit your activity and prove that you belong to the media outlet. Consult the Requirements and documentationsection for details of the information you must send us depending on the type of media outlet for which you will cover the Festival. 

How many accreditations can be applied for per media outlet?
The number of accreditations per media outlet and the type of accreditation (levels of access and priorities) will be granted depending on the work to be carried out (critic, editor, producer, photographer, technician), on the frequency of the media outlet, on its importance (circulation, audience, number of unique visitors per month and average number of pages visited per month, etc.), on whether or not it specialises in cinema and on the media coverage it plans to give the San Sebastian Festival.  

I was accredited last year and submitted my coverage of the last edition of the Festival. Do I need to apply for an accreditation again this year?
Yes, accreditations are not automatically renewed. If you wish to attend a new edition of the San Sebastian Festival, the director or editor-in-chief of your media outlet must send an email with a request to the corresponding head of press (national or foreign), explaining the coverage you will make of the Festival.

From when can accreditations be requested?
They can be requested from 1 March.

What is the deadline for requesting an accreditation?
The deadline for submitting accreditation requests is 1 September. Requests made after that date will be dealt with according to time and availability.

I will only need the accreditation for a few days, do I have to apply for an accreditation for the whole Festival?
Yes, we do not have accreditations by the day.

To whom should I send my accreditation application?

You should send your application to for the attention of the corresponding head of press: 

  • spanish press:  Attn. Koro Santesteban
  • foreign press: Attn. Gemma Beltrán

I will cover the Festival for more than one media outlet. Must I mention all of them?
If you are representing various media outlets, on the form we ask you to give the details of each one. At the top you must always indicate the main media outlet for which you have requested the accreditation.

I want to submit several accreditation applications. Is this possible?
Yes, you can submit an accreditation application for yourself, for a third party or for a group of people. In this case, in your email you must indicate each of their names and their functions. Remember that, from then on, if the application is accepted, you will appear in our programme as the group contact for the purposes of coordinating the management of their accreditations.

I am accrediting a team, but I still do not have the names of everyone who will cover the Festival. What should I do?
In this case, you can also send the group application, only indicating the number of accreditations you require, and detailing the functions to be developed by each one.

What kind of accreditations exist and to what do they give access?

We have a press accreditation for editors and producers and another for graphic reporters. The accreditation is personal and non-transferrable and is valid for the whole Festival. It enables access to the professional spaces of the Kursaal Centre, Victoria Eugenia Theatre, Tabakalera, and to film screenings. It does not give access to the activities and events organised by the Festival's Industry Department.

  • The editor and producer accreditation gives access to the press conferences, and to other information events taking place during the Festival. As a spectator, it gives free access to press screenings, and to screenings of the other films on the programme, always depending on available seating.
  • The graphic reporter accreditation, intended for photographers, TV camera operators and audio-visual technicians, gives access to photo calls, press conferences and other information events, as well as to the pre-screening introductions by directors, actors and actresses; it also gives access to the area reserved for them on the red carpets of the different Festival venues, and at the guest entrance to the María Cristina Hotel. As a spectator, the accreditation only gives free access to press screenings and always depending on available seating.   

I am both the editor and photographer of my media outlet, can I obtain an accreditation for both aspects?
No. If you have several functions, you must choose your most representative profile; the Press Department does not issue double accreditations.

I am a freelance journalist, what must I do to obtain an accreditation?
Freelance editors and photographers wishing to obtain an accreditation must attach a letter of request from the director or editor-in-chief of one of the media outlet indicating their intention to publish your work.

We are a production company, not a media outlet, do we have the right to an accreditation?
To be able to obtain an accreditation, it is mandatory for audio-visual producers to have received a mandate from a media outlet (TV channel, radio station, websites). No accreditation will be issued to the production company without guarantee that their programme or report will be broadcast.

I accessed My Festival for last year but can't find the form. What should I do?
Remember that renewals are not automatic. They have to be applied for. The form will not be visible until you have applied for renewal and we have sent you the invitation to complete it.

I'm waiting for the answer to my accreditation application. When will it arrive?
If your application has been accepted, you will receive an email from 25 June with indications of how to access and complete the accreditation form on the website. You must complete all fields of the form and return it to us before 1 September.

Where must I complete the accreditation form?
Once we have accepted your application we will register you on the Festival website and send you your access details so that you may complete the online form. In this space (My Festival) you will also find other information and services for accredited guests as the date of the event draws closer.

I can't open or correctly display the accreditation form. Why not?
You are probably trying to open it using Explorer, which is not compatible with the page. Try again with Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

I have submitted the form, duly completed. Do I have to do anything else?
Once you have completed your form and clicked on submit, you will receive an email with the following message, which will also appear on the screen: "The form has been correctly submitted; we will process the accreditation with the information provided". If you receive this message, you don't have to do anything else as it means that the process for issuing your accreditation has been correctly concluded and that you can collect your accreditation in the Kursaal from the day before the start of the Festival.

I have completed the form but have not received a message.

Check that your form shows as "submitted". If you have not completed all of the required fields, it will remain in "draft" mode even if you click on submit, meaning that we will be unable to process your accreditation.  

If your form shows as submitted but you haven't received the message, you will probably find it in your spam mail. Once you have found it, add us to your list of contacts so that future communications will go directly to your inbox.

I have received the email inviting me to the edition, but when I access My Festival I can't find my form.

You may have two My Festival accounts, please check that you are entering with the same email to which we sent you the invitation.  

What may also have happened is that the accreditation is being processed by another person on your behalf, which will similarly mean that you won't find the form in your My Festival account.

I am accredited for the Festival, how can I access MY FESTIVAL?
If your accreditation is individual, the email in which you received the invitation will indicate your details for accessing My Festival. In My Festival you will find both the accreditation form and information giving you access to your accreditation. Besides this, other spaces and exclusive content will appear as the Festival dates approach, such as the virtual press box, who is where, the interview request service, etc. 

Another person has processed the accreditation in my name, can I access My Festival?
Of course. You won't have access to the accreditation form, but you will have access to other exclusive services and information for accreditees guests (who is where, interview requests, etc.). In order for you to access this exclusive content, we need to link your access account to My Festival to your registration as an accredited journalist of this edition.
If you know that you have been accredited by a third party but on entering My Festival and the My Details section you are not identified as ACCREDITED PRESS 2018, contact the Press Department on: since your user account may be new or your registration as an accredited guest of the edition linked to another account.

How, where and when can I collect my accreditation?
You must collect your accreditation personally and show proof of identity. The press accreditations desk is located in the foyer of the Kursaal and is open all day from 08:30 to 20:00, from the day before the Festival begins (20 September) until Saturday 29 at 14:00.  

How can I plan my work at the Festival?
On 14 September you will receive an email with practical information to help you plan your work at the Festival. Among other aspects you will be informed of publication of the programme and the times of the press conferences and photo calls on our website, which will be available from 15 September

How can I request interviews with directors, actors and actresses?
On 27 August we will publish on our website the list of press agents for the different films competing at the Festival, which will be updated as confirmations are received. Interview requests through the Festival Interview Service (for personalities and films without a press agent) will be available as from 17 September. This service is accessed through My Festival with your username and password.   

How can I obtain promotional material for films?

A high-resolution photograph will be published for every film announcing its participation in the Festival; this material will be openly available in the Press/Download area of the website. From 3 September you will find, in the Virtual Press Box, all of the promotional material that the films have uploaded to the platform, and which those responsible for their promotion gradually update. This service is accessed through My Festival with your username and password. 

I am receiving emails with some information about the Festival, but not all of it.
Check your spam box as the address is probably not recognised by your system. Add our email address to your list of contacts to prevent the situation from repeating itself.

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