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#63SSIFF - 18/26 Septiember 2015

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2004. 52nd Edition
17-25 September
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Alma Mater
Álvaro Buela

  • Synopsis
  • Cast & Crew
34-year-old Pamela is a small, shy woman. She works in a supermarket. She attends a religious temple. She periodically visits her autistic mother. An anonymous character, a meaningless life. Suddenly, a miracle occurs. Messages of a marvellous destiny start to reach Pamela in unusual ways: a client, a transvestite, her own mother, dreams, barcodes, real and imaginary signals. The Saviour of the Next Millennium is apparently on his way and everything indicates that she, being a virgin, is carrying him in her entrails. Impelled to face herself, Pamela undertakes an inner voyage. A paradoxical voyage: the more mystic she grows, the more human she becomes.
Álvaro Buela
Álvaro Buela
Durazno (Uruguay), 1961. Teacher, journalist and filmmaker, he became a journalist after having graduated in Psychology from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He has written for various newspapers (El País Cultural, M Cine and Film). In 1994 he published the novel Alka-Seltzer. He is a teacher and academic coordinator of Audiovisuals at the Communications Faculty of the ORT University in Uruguay. He wrote the screenplay for Una forma de bailar (A Way of Dancing), winner of a FONA award in 1996, with which he also made his directorial debut. In 2000 he once again won the FONA award with the project Alma Mater.
Álvaro Buela
Álvaro Buela
José Pedro Charlo Austero Producciones Lauro Muller 1990/3 Montevideo Tel 59 82 410 26 85
Daniel Rodríguez Maseda
Simone Maccari
Sylvia Meyer
Roxana Blanco, Nicolás Becerra, Walter Reyno, Werner Schünemann, Humberto de Vargas
 Running Time:
95 m.
Casa de América Award to the post-production
Alma Mater


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