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News Flash
09 / 20 / 2011

“A Spanish animated film for adults that deserves to come away from the festival with a distributor”.
Antón Merikaetxebarría, EL CORREO

“Moving, without ever falling into the easy discourse of sentimentality. A work of great beauty”.
Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“Arrugas imaginatively and sensitively explores one of the major issues confronting most of the developed world: how to look after senior citizens in a rapidly aging population.’

“A journey through the life of Carrière that is more poetical than biographical”.
Gregorio Belnichón, EL PAÍS

“Julie Delpy’s sweetly autobiographical and fearlessly bawdy comedy Le Skylab is 100% French and then some, yet marbled with universal touches”.

“An extremely personal and rather strange journey to Africa that pays homage to Miquel Barceló and his beloved François Augiéras”.

“An embodiment of change and fusion. In this film you can find a western, a comedy, a love story, a spiritual quest and, if you look hard enough, even gods”.
Sara Brito, PÚBLICO

“An entertaining road movie filmed with a salsa rhythm”.
Alicia G., EFE

“An excellent piece in which the movements of the dancer and her apprentices acquire an almost dreamlike dimension”.
Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“Davies communicates the theatrical feel of the story (...) with his usual recourse to lights and shadows, giving the mise-en-scène a honeyed, timeless hue”.
E. Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

“Love in all its rawness, without ornament, alleviation or artifice: what hurts and what causes suffering. The definitive nature of love”.
Daniel Roldán, EL CORREO

“It peers into corners of the human soul in silence, passing over stony ground”.
Mikel G. Gurpegui, DIARIO VASCO

“With The Deep Blue Sea, Davies offers up another excellent film made in his unique style”.
Ricardo Aldarondo, DIARIO VASCO

“The screen is infused with the closest thing to the truth (in abstraction) that we have seen at this festival. This film is like a wounded animal”.

“If the most precious – and envied – gifts are beauty and intelligence, The Deep Blue Sea shows itself to be amply blessed with both; yesterday it rose up above everything else shown here at San Sebastian, perhaps above everything else made over the last few years, and is on the point of receiving the first cries of ‘bravo!’ from the public here at the Kursaal”.

“Davies creates temporal cracks, introduces an ellipsis, folds time in on itself and gives a master-class in dense, powerful cinema”.

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